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Connect & Collect your Gemstones: Making thematic connection of online offerings of Dutch cultural organizations


Cultural organizations in the Netherlands had to adjust post-pandemic by exploring new ways to retain their audiences and attract new ones, online. The benefit of this development is that the public have access to more online cultural offerings and can discover new ones. However, many cultural organizations, especially small organizations, have limited visibility due to limited resources or by not having the right technological infrastructure. These organizations are therefore isolated them from potential audiences. Likewise, the audiences are deprived of discovering these interesting online offerings. To partly address this, Tetem being one of the few presentation places in the Netherlands where digital culture plays a leading role in the programming, wants to explore how cultural organizations can be linked on a national level by shared themes of their online offerings. In addition, we want explore how the public can access information about the online offerings of cultural organizations in an easy and creative way.


Tetem will develop a web application that can serve as a infrastructure to connect online offerings of cultural organizations on a national level. This would serve as a point where online offerings are categorized and linked by shared “themes”. This can help many cultural organizations have more exposure without the limitation of their physical location. Moreover, new audience can find and enjoy those online offerings.


The team will develop a web-app as a prototype of our concept, which can be improved upon and adopted by other cultural organizations. Our questions include:

  • How do we select the cultural organizations to be connected in the prototype?
  • How do we categorize the “themes” on which the programs would be connected?
  • What format would best connect them on calendar data and online registrations?
  • What open source technologies/tools can we adopt for this purpose?
  • How can we make our solution sustainable and adoptable for other cultural organizations?
  • What are the technical and legal restrictions and how do we bypass them?


  • Hustler: Adedapo Aladegbaiye
  • Hacker: Arno Vije (Comfort Studio Digital Development)
  • Hippie: Roos Groothuizen (Creative maker and artist)

Resultaten Hackathon

De video vertoond voor de pitch is hier op Peertube te vinden.


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